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Aft Fuselage #7 (Completion)

Posted by on December 23, 2013

aft fuselage


Total build time: 215 hours.

A polished turtledeck, ready to rivet.




Other builders probably notice in those photos the modification I made the aft bulkhead. It was with reluctance that I needed those holes but was a result of another modification to the forward stabilator spar attach point that I made (and was given blessing by Sonex.) I’ll detail it more when I actually make the final attachment. *Update* Final Attachment Here.

More rivets:




Here’s a bag that used to contain 2000 CCP-42 rivets:



I then reassembled the empennage for a shiny photo op.




Other than riveting the stabilators to the Y plus the fairings I still need to fabricate, this picture represents both the completed aft fuselage and the completed empennage. From here it’s either on to the wings, or the forward fuselage.


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