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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Forward Fuselage #7 (Glare-shield and Instrument Panel)

Total Build Time: 640 Hours. The glare-shield is essentially the dashboard of the aircraft… it lies behind/above the instrument panel and connects the area between the instrument panel and the firewall. ┬áIt’s somewhat ironic that it’s called a glare-shield in my aircraft, since the usual purpose of a glare-shield is to reduce the glare from … Continue reading »

Categories: Forward Fuselage, Waiex #197 | 2 Comments

Forward Fuselage #6 (Aft lower cabin details, idler.)

Total Build Time: 634 Hours. There are quite a few details on the floor of the forward fuselage, under the area that will eventually be the seat. I made a few angle components, including one that will support the lower part of the seat sling. A clearance is cut in the angle to allow the … Continue reading »

Categories: Forward Fuselage, Waiex #197 | 1 Comment