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The aircraft I’m building is a Sonex Waiex (pronounced “YX”.) My plans number is #197 (synonymous with serial number in homebuilt aircraft speak.)  You can learn more about it at the Sonex website:



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22 Responses to Home

  1. Billy Dana

    Awesome Ryan. Congratulations on the kit. Looks like a great project.will check out your progress regularly.

  2. cliff buckmaster

    Very cool project !

  3. Shannon Anderson

    Dropping in and writing on the wall “Shannon was here!”

  4. John Deluca

    How are your hands? All that work in such a short time. keep at it and we’ll be flying together in no time.

  5. Bryan Cotton

    Excellent progress and great blog!

  6. Lorin Miller

    Hi Ryan,
    Good blog! It’s fun watching others as they run through this project, I really enjoyed building my Waiex (N81YX) as well. It’s been completed and flying for a year now and I’ve got about 90 hours of a lot of fun in it!! One thing to be aware of – (I did the same thing you are doing as noted in photo’s), I would rest the weight of the assembly on the cleco’s when they were in place. Unfortunately when I did this with the wings, I gouged little “smiley face dimples” into the wing skin from the edges of the clecos as I moved the wing around on the table. Very expensively learned builders hint – pad some 2×4’s and rest the wings on them – not the cleco’s. I had to completely replace one of my one upper wing skins due to the huge number if pretty deep smiley faces.
    Have fun and good luck!! I’ll keep checking in on you.
    Lorin Miller
    N81YX – Waiex, standard gear, Jab3300, Prince P-tip, Stratomaster Ultra Horizon, XCom radio, Matco brakes (love ’em)
    N30PP – Pietenpol Aircamper, Cont A-75
    NX…. – Pietenpol SkyScout, Ford Model A –> in progress

    • Ryan

      Lorin, excellent advice, thank you. I learned this very thing after having my aft fuselage on it’s side for some of the assembly. I have a couple of the smiley faces you describe on the left side thanks to exactly what you’re describing. I will be much more careful about this in the future.

  7. Eric Botts


  8. Rick


    Are your wing spar clecoes & stuff still for sale?

  9. Gayle Roth

    Beautiful job!

  10. Marvin McGraw

    Hello Ryan,
    Thank you for coming out to my shop Saturday. I would have liked to have more time to discuss you build project.

  11. Al Roberts

    Hi Ryan,

    This is AL, I have been using the Sonex Forum as a guide, especially the photos, as well as you and Chris giving me verbal advice.
    I don’t have anyone to go over the plans with me as I try to go by them precisely. And even though I try to do that, I am subject to make mistakes.
    I am not at all familiar with exactely how to correspond using the Forum as a medium. So would you mind if I contact you by email once in awhile for advice? Also I know how to send photos via email, but don’t know how to put a photo in the Forum.
    All that being said, I think I have followed the plans precisely regarding the placement of the ruddervator hinges, but I would like to send you a photo before I make any changes. All the rivets line up with the stabilator ribs exactly as shown on the plans.

    AL Roberts

    • Ryan

      Hi Al, yes feel free to email me I’m happy to help.

      • AL Roberts

        I have completed the tail feathers for the Waiex I hope to build. The fuselage section is on it,s way. I ordered it 3/3 and Sonex people say the shipping date is 3/23. Am anxious to get back to work on it. Glad that you offer to help me if (or when) I run into something that baffles me, which is likely.

        Thanks again, AL Roberts

  12. AL Roberts

    I have a question about the stabilator tips. The way I have put the stabilator together leaves the fiberglass tip with no metal to back up the rivets at the forward part that rivets to the stabilator
    The rear part of the tip has a rib insert that provides metal to back up the fiberglass. So I glued a strip of aluminum into the tip for metal back up. Did you have the same problem? or have I put the stabilator together wrong? I will try to send you a photo of the way I had to install that metal strip.

    Thank you again for your assistance.


    • Ryan

      Hi Al. My guess is if you ask Sonex, they’ll say it’s not necessary to reinforce the fiberglass as you’ve done, though I don’t see any harm in doing so. I think the rib that goes inside the trailing of the fiberglass is more to hold the shape (keep it from flexing) along with preventing a large cavity from being exposed to airflow. I did get from Sonex directly that SS rivets must be used (as called out in the plans) for the tail tips, whereas the main wing fiberglass tips can be installed with aluminum rivets (also with no metal backing called for in the plans.)

  13. John Pietsch

    Hi Ryan,
    Great website, and nice build! Please keep your blog up even after you’ve completed your plane. I’m several months behind you in building my Waiex. I’ve already experienced some of the same challenges as you, and it sure is nice to learn how other builders have kept their projects moving. Thanks!

    • Ryan

      Thanks John, glad my site could be of help! I do plan to keep the site up even after the build is complete. I also find other builder sites to be very valuable sources of help and inspiration.

  14. Steve

    Hi Ryan,
    How is the turbo Aerovee going?

  15. Mauricio G

    Nice work i’m building waiex b, your pictures and coments are very helpful thanks.

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